Nerovnosti na trhu práce v době digitalizace
Labour market inequalities in the age of digitalisation

Place: Prague (Czech Republic)

Date: June 8, 2023

Host: Deloitte, budova Chuchill I, Italska 67, Praha Vinohrady

Workshop on the impact of digitalization on work inequalities

On June 8, an incredible workshop and panel discussion focused on the impact of digitalization on work inequalities. This event was part of the COST Action DIGI-net 21107 project, which aims to redefine work inequalities in later life through digitalization. We were honoured to have academic researchers, policymakers, non-profit organizations, business professionals, employee organizations, and unions participate in this thought-provoking discussion.

📍 The venue, Deloitte in Prague Vinohrady, provided the perfect backdrop for this event.

Panel Discussion I

Addressing social inequalities in the labour market, digital skills, forms of disadvantage in the workforce, retirement timing, and the impact on refugees in the labour market.

Moderator: Anna Putnová Panelists: Danuše Nerudová, Šárka Homfray, Lída Klimešová, Ilona Štorová

Panel Discussion II

Exploring the intersection of digitalization and the labour market, changes in employment trends, new forms of work, and the importance of adult education and prequalification.

Moderator: Senta Čermáková Panelists: Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský, Renata Millerová, Monika Ptáčníková, Lucie Vidovicova

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