Short-Term Scientific Mission: Technostress among older academic workers

Sylwia Przytula from Poland has completed a Short-Term Scientific Mission at Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic under collaboration with Martina Rasticova. During a one-week stay (11th-15th Sep 2023), Sylwia conducted a series of interviews with older scholars, delving into the impacts of technostress in the academic world.

The Key Insights:

  • The “Digital Academia” concept presented challenges and confusion for respondents.
  • The academics noted that their IT skills increased after forced e-learning during COVID-19.
  • The weakest part in the whole process of learning a new digital environment was the support from the university

This mission has provided valuable insights into the experiences of older academic workers, highlighting both the strides made and the hurdles yet to be overcome in the digital era.

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