Virtual Mobility: The Role of Digital Technologies for Older Workers Nexus Work Inequalities

Dr. Esra Kabaklarlı cooperated with Countries and researchers from Cost Action 21107 involved in the project ALBANIA (Prof  Rezarta SHKURTI (PERRI)

During the duration (19th July 2023 – 19th Oct 2023) of Virtual mobility were the main activities performed:

  • Data Collection and Empirical Analysis: At this stage, the relationship between the older labour force participation rate and information and communication technologies (ICT)has been examined by employing Random and Fixed Effect Models along with the Driscoll-Kraay standard error Estimators for selected 37 OECD countries in the period between 2000-2022.
  • A survey questionnaire on platform work was formed with participants to understand their level of platform work awareness, interest, and attitude. 

The questionnaires were distributed involving participants from CA21107 countries.

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